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UN report: China's textile products is no reason to issue warnings

The United Nations Conference on Wednesday concluded the report, last year, industrialists and labor organizations on cheap Chinese textiles and apparel to other countries may hit maker's warning proved to be unfounded so far. 
The report of the United Nations, the ILO said the global textile trade quotas supply from January 1 this year, the end result of the low unemployment rate than originally forecast. Originally projected results are terrible, at least for now, that has not happened. 
UN report shows that, although in January this year, China's textile exports rose 20% share of China in the global market increased by 3% to nearly 16%, but many EU member states and Asian countries increase their exports and in the global market share. 
Italy's exports rose by 9%, in the global market has 8.5% market share. German exports rose by nearly 3% in global market share of nearly 8%. Japan has a 4% global market share, exports increased by 2.8%. Turkey's exports increased by 11.5%, in the global market has 2.8% market share. 
ILO textile industry experts say, small developing countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Morocco has not experienced a decline as large as predicted. 

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