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China-EU textile exports to the EU on the settlement agreement stranded

Chinese Ministry of Commerce news release said that for the effective implementation of the June 11, 2008 in Shanghai, China and the EU reached "some Chinese textile and clothing exports to the EU Memorandum of Understanding", in line with the consolidation and development of the principles of China-EU economic and trade relations, Chinese business Department and the European Commission through friendly consultation, in September 5 in Beijing to sign, "Summary of consultation", agreed to adopt a flexible transitional measures to properly solve the "memo" appears in the implementation of the stranded. 
According to "Summary of consultation" requirement, the EU will release all boat full of goods, on the implementation of the "Memorandum" in excess of the number of parts of the 2008 agreement, China and the EU to assume its own number of licenses issued. The actual quantity of goods from Hong Kong to bear half of each side, which bear part of the EU, the EU will increase the number of the provisions of the 2008 memorandum of settlement. Bear part of China, will swap to resolve individual species. 
Bo Xilai said that China and the EU in June this year in Shanghai, the agreement on the textile issue is a scientific, win-win, was the result of some of the stranded before, mainly because the two sides in accordance with their laws, regulatory requirements, in a administrative procedures can not start the month, so that both exporters and importers in the management of the "gap period" can "grab export", fast transaction. It also demonstrates that the EU market for inexpensive Chinese textiles is demand, the practice of trade protectionism would damage the EU importers, retailers and consumers. 
Mandelson said that although the EU and China in the textile issue there are some temporary difficulties, but the negotiations are very difficult, but not between the EU "trade war", because the EU has been seeking each other, both sides have a broad common interests, China is a growing trade power, both economic complementarity determines the great potential of bilateral cooperation.