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A new round of textile and garment enterprises restructuring wave

Experts pointed out that the mainland of China textile and apparel market will see a new round of corporate restructuring wave.

The expert said China's textile and garment industry is not strong innovation, R & D level of backwardness, lack of core competitive advantage. In the fiber, weaving, dyeing and design, the international advanced level compared with the obvious difference. Digestion, absorption and innovation, low, low value-added products, new product output value of the proportion of low. Export structure is irrational, lack of brand, lack of core competitive advantages, will become a restricted exports of Chinese textile and garment important factor.

In addition, the Chinese textile industry reckless expansion of existing, serious excess capacity. Lack of standard operating order, the textile industry, this phenomenon prominently in the elimination of quotas in 2005, after the looting of the U.S. and EU exports of goods stranded in the United States and Europe led to a large number of ports.

The expert concluded that the yuan appreciation, power shortages, energy and raw material prices, rising labor costs, increased operating costs, the market will be a new round of corporate restructuring wave.